I wear a wonderful apron that’s almost a smock with generously huge pockets and a loop that holds towels wonderfully. I love my apron and I love everything that I get to do in it. I am grateful to get to wear this apron because I am one of the few that actually gets to work at my dream job day in and day out. I am a housewife (aka stay at home mom, until my son goes off to college). Yes, this is my dream job and it took me a long time to realize that what I wanted to be when I grew up had already happened and I continued to fight it day in and day out.

Why?! Because being a housewife is considered to be “frivolous” or “not a real job” or “settling” in our current society. The term housewife is lost in ridiculous reality shows that portrays being a housewife as someone who shops, visits the cosmetologist and lunches with her girl friends surrounded by various alcoholic libations just ticking time away until their children are to be picked up from school. Based on what society was defining a house wife to be, there was no way that I could actually want this. I mean come on, I am smart,well educated, hard working, inventive, creative and a contributing member to society; so it had to be something else. It had to be.

Until one evening when I had finished a call with my, then, boss. We had just finished a conversation about how my hours were going to be dwindled down to just a handful a week due to a large client changing their direction with our company, that would rarely involve me. I hung up the phone and realized that I was actually, excited. I couldn’t believe it, excited?! I thought I had found my dream job, I had made it, I was using my expensive college degree, I was making money (real money!), how in the hell was I excited?! Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was not living my dream, I was living the dream that everyone else told me I should want. So, what do I actually want? What had gotten me so excited?

The minute I asked myself this question I had answered it without so much as taking a breath, I wanted to be a housewife. I thrived at running our household and being there for my family at the moment that they might need me, I was good at it and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I enjoyed being a housewife and secretly loathed leaving the house every day to go work for someone else and to help them accomplish their goals, not mine. Could a housewife be my actual job? Could I have been working this entire time toward someone else’s goal? Because of who I am, I had to talk to my best friend (my husband) to help me figure this out and answer these questions.

Without taking a moment to think, my husband answered me with “Yes, of course a housewife can be an actual job. Better yet, it IS an actual job.” My husband went on to really help me put this into perspective. A housewife runs an entire house and those that are not only within it but those that are apart of the family outside of it. As he continued on, I realized he was actually making a lot of sense and telling me everything that I already knew but that I had buried deep down because society kept telling me “that’s how its was suppose to be”. Enough!

I embrace my apron life, my picking up everything around the house, making breakfast, lunch and dinner and cleaning like a mad woman every day to ensure the house shines. I don’t do it for my family (though that is the ultimate bonus) I do it because it what I want to do. Me. It makes me genuinely happy and leaves me feeling fulfilled every day. How many of us can truly say that about what we do?

So, embrace what YOU really want to do. Drown all the voices out around you and follow that dream that continually pops up in your mind when you are doing all of the other things that you “have to do”.

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